Working Capital

What Makes Next-Financing Different?

  1.  3 Different Levels of Working Capital/Advance Programs – Listed Below.
  2.  We will beat any written offer.  Contact us with your current offer and let us beat it!
  3.  Soft Inquiry Only (No impact on your credit score) to Provide You with Loan Options.  Zero Risk To You.
  4.  Over 100 Working Capital/Advance Products, which Allows Customized Solutions For Your Business.
  5.  Early Repayment Discounts.
  6.  Daily, Weekly and Monthly Payment Programs.
  7.  Your Working Capital/Advance has the ability to act like a revolving line of credit.
  8.  6 – 24 Month Terms.
  9.  Low Commission Fees Paid To Our Reps (2-5%) – Compared to the industry average of (10-15%).  Yes, we make money on your loan/advance, but we do it through volume – NOT by charging max fees on every deal.
  10.  We will Provide Your Business with The Very Best Loan Product For Your Current Need and Situation.



Our Stance and Opinion on Working Capital or MCA ‘s


We want to be up front from the very beginning.  When it comes to any sort of working capital, ACH Loan, MCA or whatever you want to call it – it’s not for everybody.  If you decide to work with Next-Financing, you will hear the question “what are you trying to accomplish?” and it’s not a nosey question, but rather a question of sincere interest in providing your business with the very best product for your need and situation.  We do not want to put you or your business in a position to fail or be hurt by taking on bad debt.

The correct mindset to have in regards to Working Capital or any MCA Product is to look at the funding as a “tool” to grow your business.  If you don’t have a plan or full understanding of how you are going to use this new found capital, we recommend you don’t do it.  It’s always going to be your decision what to do in the end, but that’s our two cents on the subject.  The instant injection of capital into your business can be either a good or bad idea.  If you use it as a “tool” and not a “life raft”, you will enjoy the process of using other people’s money for your gain.  If you are only looking for something to keep you afloat, let’s have a chat.   We may have a better solution for your current needs than a quick hitting advance.  With all of that being said, please find the information on our Working Capital products below.  If you have any questions or concerns, we ask that you contact us to make sure your questions are answered.  We look forward to working with you.


Next-Financing Price Match Guarantee


Full Transparency – Pricing & Fees


Everybody wants to talk about being different and there are some out there who are, but it may take a lump or two before you find them.  There is no sense in trying to sugarcoat the terms, because you can’t.  You can sugarcoat the ROI it can bring to your business, but not the cost of the money.  How’s that for telling you how it is?

One of the main reasons an Advance’s APR is so much higher than a typical bank loan (other than speed of funding, no real credit score requirements and no required collateral), is that a bank receives a monthly percentage on the balance owed, not the full amount of the loan.  As the loan is paid off and the balance reduced, the interest paid is less. However, a merchant cash advance fee is a fixed charge for providing the advance. That charge can be as much as 30% – 60% of the advance. For example, the fee for a $20,000 advance could be $6,000 – $12,000.

The second major culprit of expensive money?  The outrageous broker/origination fees being charged all over the place.  Next-Financing is most definitely a FOR PROFIT company, but we have caps on what we allow our sales reps and sales partners to charge their clients for our products.  There will be no 8%, 10%, 12% and even 15% nonsense with our name on it.  Our standard fee for all of the products we offer is 2 – 5% (varies by product type and industry type).  Yes, we make a profit from each and every advance we disperse, but there is no need to over charge.

The third culprit are all of the fees charged to the merchant/borrower at the time of funding.  Some prime examples are the following. Origination Fee: $395, ACH Program Fee: $395 or up to 10% of the funded amount, Bank Fee: Minimum Bank Fee of $195 or up to 10% of the funded amount, UCC Filing Fee: $195, Risk Assessment Fee: $249, NSF Fee: $35 for each occurrence, Rejected ACH Fee: $100, Bank Change Fee: $50, Unauthorized Account Fee: $5,000.  When a merchant is told they are approved for $20,000 and is expecting to receive a deposit of $20,000 into their bank account, they are mistaken.  They will be making payments based on the $20,000 approval, but after all of the fees listed above, the actual “net” deposit into their account will be approximately $18,500.

How is Next-Financing different in our fee structure at the time of funding?  The biggest thing for merchants to understand is that we do not file UCCs/Liens unless the file is in collections, and we do not charge any fees other than a one-time flat $200 fee to set up an ACH remit or lockbox. Otherwise, what we offer is what the merchant receives in their bank via wire.  Using our previous example of a $20,000 approval, your business would receive $19,800 into your account vs. $18,500.  Contact us today and get the funding you need for your business without all of the nonsense that usually comes along with it.  We look forward to working with you!


Working Capital


Small business working capital is technically defined (and calculated) based on the amount of your current business assets minus your current liabilities: The amount that remains is considered your working capital.

Fast, flexible access to short-term funding is essential to the growth of your business. Our Working Capital product, which features 3 to 36 month terms and fixed payment options, will accommodate your specific needs so that you can focus on building your business. Did I say fast?

Though the “right” amount of working capital for small business varies based on a business’s industry, sales cycles and supplier relationships, working capital is an important metric to proactively manage. At Next-Financing, we’re committed to empowering business owners with access to the working capital resources that ensure their business has financial stability throughout its life cycle.

An ACH Working Capital Loan is basically the same thing as a “Revenue Based” Loan.  All it does is base the approval amount on the applicant’s last 3-6 Months’ worth of revenue.  A solid rule of thumb to use is if an applicant is depositing $20,000 monthly into their business banking account or has gross monthly sales of $20,000, their loan approval cap will most likely be $20K.

Flexible terms and rates based on a business’ performance, and not solely personal credit history, may make a Next-Financing ACH loan an attractive option when compared to a traditional bank loan. We offer a quick response to loan applications by qualifying and evaluating business performance based upon a variety of important performance metrics.


MCA – Merchant Cash Advance


Next-Financing’s MCA application requirements are designed with the realities of the small business owner in mind. We don’t require high credit scores or a robust business credit history. Instead, our approval process considers a variety of factors, including projected sales volume and sales history.

Next-Financing MCA’s are not actually a loan. Instead, you decide the amount of funding you need to access (up to your approved limit), based on monthly sales volume. Your repayment schedule is based on settled credit card and debit card transactions. Many Next-Financing clients opt to repay their merchant cash advance daily in small percentages, while some choose a weekly ACH transfer (repay options are based on qualification guidelines).


3 Levels of Working Capital/Advance Programs


Next-Financing offers 3 different Programs for Working Capital.  They are named appropriately as our “Starter MCA”, “Primary Capital” and “Premier Capital”.

Starter Capital


Next-Financing Starter MCA

Our Starter Program is for the business who is new to the scene or for an owner going through some credit challenges.  As long as you have been in business for over 3 months and are depositing in excess of $7,000 per month and are not currently going through a BK, it’s very likely you will qualify for a Starter MCA Loan.

Next-Financing Starter Capital


Basic Qualifiers for our Starter MCA Program:


Time in Business:  3+ Months

Credit Score:  No Minimum with No Open Bankruptcies

Must Have Separate Business Checking Account

Monthly Gross Revenue/Total Monthly Bank Deposits:  $7,000+

Primary Business Checking Account – Average Daily Balance:  $500+

Number of Negative Balance Days/Month in Business Checking Account:  0 – 10

Rates From:  $13K per $10K ($13K Total Pay Back For Every $10K Borrowed)

*Business Loan Weekly Payment, Working Capital Weekly Payment


Primary Capital


Next-Financing Primary Capital

Our Primary Capital Program is for the business who has made it through the treacherous first 12 months of being in business and is still standing and positioned to grow, which means they need working capital to feed their growth. The main qualifiers to graduate into Primary Capital is 12 months Time in Business and $15,000+ in Gross Monthly Revenue.  This level of Working Capital provides longer terms and better rates on the money being borrowed, which gives our clients greater flexibility and an appetite for larger opportunities.

Next-Financing Primary Capital


Basic Qualifiers For Our Primary Capital Program:


Time in Business:  12+ Months

Credit Score:  550+ with No Open Bankruptcies

Must Have Separate Business Checking Account

Monthly Gross Revenue/Total Monthly Bank Deposits:  $15,000+

Primary Business Checking Account – Average Daily Balance:  $500+

Number of Negative Balance Days/Month in Business Checking Account:  0 – 6

Rates From:  $12 K per $10K ($12K Total Pay Back For Every $10K Borrowed)

*Business Loan Weekly Payment, Working Capital Weekly Payment


Premier Capital


Next-Financing Premier Capital

Next-Financing offers our Premier Capital Program to those businesses who have taken things to another level and kept it going.  Membership has it’s privileges and when you’ve reached our Premier Capital Level, it’s time to look at all opportunities that come your way, because you basically have access to extremely fast and cheap capital at the snap of your fingers.  This is the level where credit score and bank account responsibility are key qualifiers, as the terms and approval amounts are extremely liberal.

Next-Financing Premier Capital


Basic Qualifiers For Our Premier Capital Program:


Time in Business:  12+ Months

Credit Score:  600+ with No Open Bankruptcies

Must Have Separate Business Checking Account

Monthly Gross Revenue/Total Monthly Bank Deposits:  $50,000+

Primary Business Checking Account – Average Daily Balance:  $2,000+

Number of Negative Balance Days/Month in Business Checking Account:  0 – 3

Rates From:  $11.5K per $10K ($11.5K Total Pay Back For Every $10K Borrowed)

*Business Loan Weekly Paymente, Working Capital Weekly Payment

*Business Loan Monthly Payment, Working Capital Monthly Payment


Usage of Funds: 


Our customers use these funds for buying inventory, taking advantage of opportunities, handling emergencies, buying/repairing/upgrading equipment, managing payroll, increasing their marketing efforts, hiring additional employees, updating their office and much more.  You never know when unexpected opportunities or costs will occur.  It’s always wise to have funds available to protect and grow your business.


How The Process Works:


Next-Financing provides working capital by purchasing future receivables. Working Capital has many names and is often referred to as a business advance or a merchant cash advance.  Purchasing future receivables is not the same as a business loan. Instead, this is the sale and purchase of the proceeds from the future sales of your business.

Next-Financing purchases contracted receipts expected to be generated from your businesses future sales. In return, we receive a certain percentage of the future daily sales receipts, or a fixed daily/weekly amount estimated to equal this percentage. Your business either authorizes your current credit card processor to send the agreed percentage of daily sales receipts directly to Next-Financing or gives us authorization to ACH the agreed amount from your business checking account. These amounts are transferred until we have received all of the future receipts it that are under contract to purchase.

Getting Started:


The entire process normally takes just a few business days.  First, we will review your business and its history to determine if we would like to buy your future receivables. You will need to submit a few documents, such as 3-6 of your most recent bank statements, so we can provide an approval decision that works within your business and credit profile.  Upon Approval and Signed Receivable Contracts, we would fund your business with up to $500,000 in exchange for a larger total amount of future receivables. Once we fund your business, we collect a percentage of your business receivables directly from your credit card processing activity or schedule an ACH debit from your business bank account.


Required Documents:


Signed / Loan Application 

3-6 months most recent bank statements. (We always ask for 6 months if they are available).  The better Loan Products require 6 months bank statements instead of 3.

Debt worksheet. (Document we use to see what other loans/debts they are currently paying off)


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q:  What are the interest rates?
A:  Interest Rates actually do not exist in the Working Capital/Receivables World.  These are not the type of loans you seek to use long term, but rather short term to help grow your business.  We buy your future receivables at a discount. For example, in exchange for $10,000 today, you agree to sell $12,500 of your future sales as they are realized.
Q:  What if I have bad credit?
A:  Our agreement to buy your future receivables is primarily based on sales history and the probability of having future sales.  Certain credit score qualifiers will expose your business to a different set of terms or approval amounts, but it typically will not keep you from receiving an offer if your revenues are strong.
Q:  Do I need to accept credit cards to get approved?
A:  No. You do not need to accept credit cards. We consider all forms of business receivables while reviewing an application, including cash, checks, and electronic receivables.  The important part of this answer is what can be proven or stated?  What shows on your bank statements as the total amount deposited for the month?  If not your bank statements, do you have other records to back up your gross monthly revenue claims?
Q:  Is there a guarantee?
A:  Yes, there is a guarantee of performance. You guarantee that the representations made in the agreement are truthful, accurate and reasonable for Next-Financing to rely upon. In the event the business fails and it turns out that the representations made during the review process or within the agreement were false or misleading, the owner may be liable.
Q:  How does Next-Financing get paid?
A:  We collect a percentage of your sales via an ACH debit from your business checking account or directly from your credit card processing transactions.
Q:  Do we have a Spanish version of our application and instructions?  Do we have Spanish speaking Reps?

A:  Yes, we have a Spanish version of our application and all of the documents needed to get started and we would be happy to pair you with one of our Spanish speaking Sales Directors to assist you through the process.