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"If you own a business today, it's your responsibility to make it as easy as possible for someone to purchase your product.....offering financing is a major step in that direction."

Warren Buffett

The Big 3 services needed in most businesses today are - Financing/Payment Solutions for their customers, access to Working Capital and effective Marketing/Advertising. Through our seamless integrated platform, we are able to deliver those services through Next-Financing, Next-Capital and NextUP Marketing. Our platform was created with cutting edge technology and tomorrow in mind. What's NEXT? Your business is NEXT.

% - Avg. Sales Increase When Offering Financing 23%

% - Businesses Unable To Secure Working Capital 64%

% - Large Ticket Purchases - Started With Internet Search 74%


Number Of Applications To Complete


Minimum Credit Score Needed


Number Of Lenders On Our Financing Platform


Consumer Financing Maximum Approval Amount

The Next-Financing Platform

Services Provided

Customer/Consumer Financing

Our platform has a tailored program for every credit tier. More approvals, increased revenues, 100% paperless, web-based & NO risk...all with one simple application.

Patient/Procedure Financing

Our financing technology enables medical & dental providers to provide optimal quality of care through increased patient approvals, while experiencing lower discount fees.

Business Loans / Working Capital

We provide "customized" working capital solutions for businesses of all types - We fund it ourselves or via our direct funding relationships. Fast & Easy!

Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing is a great way for business owners to get the equipment they need NOW - allowing the revenue generated by the new equipment pay off the loan.

Payment Solutions

We offer a full suite of payment solutiuons - from traditional brick & mortar retail to building custom onlilne portals with financing & payment capabilities.

Portal/Web Design

Our financing platforms allow us to develop custom solutions to complex challenges. Through the expertise of our development team, we are able to deliver web applications that are functional, unique & aesthetically appealing to our clients.

Online Marketing

We developed our Kick-Start Marketing Campaigns as a way of saying thank you to our clients for choosing us as their working capital provider. After we get you funded, we build you a custom marketing campaign - for free!

PPC / Retargeting

We strive to not only optimize conversions, but your revenue. Elite results through research and analysis, extensive testing and proven - cutting edge techniques.

Social Media

Be Available and Relevant on Social Media through professional profile creation and daily content management. Get more fans, increase engagement and drive more sales through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Etc.

Approved Verticals



Why Next-Financing?  Accelerate Your Sales

Finance Your Customers Through NEXT-Technology

-Featuring Instant Pre-Qualification-

Consumer Financing Stats

It’s simple……More approvals, ease of use platform, low discount rates, one application, full reporting, analytics, etc. You no longer need 2, 3, or even 4 financing programs to satisfy every type of customer that walks into your business. Submit every application into Next-Financing’s Platform, sit back, and watch your approval rates soar. Because we have multiple lending partners integrated into one easy to use platform, obtaining financing for customers with great credit to no credit has never been easier.

1.  Easy Application:  Our simple application features an instant credit decision after pre-qualification and is 100% paperless.

Web-Based Application, Ease of Use and No Equipment to Buy or Lease

Web-Based Application, Ease of Use and No Equipment to Buy or Lease

2.  Robust Reporting, Customization & Management:  Your custom reporting & customization portal allows you to see how financing is improving your bottom line, while having the ability to customize your tools, manage user access  as well as multiple locations from the comfort of your office.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

3.  Provide Risk Free Options:  Your customers are able to see their personal affordable payment options without impacting their credit score.  The customer’s credit is not pulled – we only do a soft inquiry.  This allows your customer to see all of their payment options before potentially walking away…..all risk free.

No Impact on Credit Score

No Impact on Credit Score

4.  Mobile Access:  Through “Application Anywhere”, you are able to submit applications from any web enabled device; We will provide a custom online application for your website along with marketing banners to advertise your financing program, which includes no interest promotions of 6, 12 & 24 months.

Online and Mobile Application

Online and Mobile Application

Seamless Technology Providing Instant Approvals

  • One fast, easy application for all borrowers
  • Instant approvals – 5 seconds or less
  • Approvals down to a 600 credit score
  • Funding within 24 hours
  • No monthly fees or minimums
  • No fees to get started and No application fees
  • No equipment to buy or lease
  • 100% paperless
  • Detailed reporting back office with analytics and customized to your business (User Access/Multi-location Management/logos/Colors/Customer Applications, etc.)
  • Works on any device
  • Customers can apply privately from their phone
  • Email our application for pre-approval before customer leaves their house
  • Extremely Competitive Discount Rates as low as 1%


Ease of Use Dashboard

Ease of Use Dashboard

Accessible On Any Device

Accessible On Any Device


Why Should Your Business Offer Financing?

  1. Increase Sales & Drive Revenue:  Our finance program should be looked at as a sales and marketing tool for your business. Increase sales by advertising financing options to attract more customers to your business and use one of our many promotional offers as a way to close more sales.
  2. Attract New Customers:  Use our program to advertise affordable monthly payment options in conjunction with your “buy today” sales price. By advertising a low monthly payment, you’re appealing to those customers who can’t afford the total cash price of your product or service today. Use one of our special promotional offers as a marketing tool to drive more customers into your store.
  3. Make Your Business Stand Out:  Use our finance program as a way to distinguish yourself from the competition. Offer your customers a compelling offer by advertising one of our no interest (if paid in full) promotional offers along with a low, affordable, FIXED monthly payment. Let your customers know that you can approve a wide variety of credit profiles and to come in to apply for financing today.
  4. Increase Average Ticket Size:  Advertising financing helps eliminate the focus on total price, and instead shifts the focus to affordability. By leading with financing, you’ll make your product more affordable with low monthly payments. Shift your focus away from total price and begin increasing your average ticket today.
  5. Increase Conversion Rates:  By advertising affordable financing options online, you’re giving your customers another way to pay.  Make your product more affordable and advertise one of our special financing promotional offers to increase conversion rates and see more “browsers” become “buyers.”
  6. Gain New Leads Through Your Website:  Next-Financing is a great way for you to gain new customer leads online. Advertise banners provided by Next-Financing on your website and encourage customers to apply for financing to check their rate. Each customer, regardless of whether they’re approved or not, is sent to your online portal and you’re notified via email.


Financing Makes It Easier To Buy Your Products.

Financing Makes It Easier To Buy Your Products.

Contact us Today and Start Offering Your Customers Next-Financing.

Next-Financing is a proud Signatory of The Small Business Borrower’s Bill of Rights.

Small Business Borrowers' Bill of Rights

Next-Capital:  Explore Your Funding Options – Apply Today!

Next-Capital is an automated financing platform built for performance.  The technology allows for our applicants to receive multiple lending options for their business.  Each application we receive is analyzed and assigned to the direct banking relationship who specializes in that specific lending niche.  The process flow is simple and efficient.

1. Application – 2. Platform Analysis – 3. Lender – 4. Options – 5. Acceptance – 6. Funding.

We are here to assist you through every step of our process until your bank account is funded.  Contact us today to get your funding process started.


Working CapitalWorking Capital/Advance

Next-Financing offers 3 different Programs for Working Capital.  They are named appropriately as our “Starter MCA”, “Primary Capital” and “Premier Capital”.  Approvals from $5K – $2MM and the entire process only takes 2 – 3 days (Application to Funding).

Next-Financing Inventory LoanInventory Loan

An Inventory Loan from Next-Financing helps you manage different products, maintain inventory and keep adequate cash on hand for smooth business operations and Robust Sales Numbers.

Next-Financing Inventory Line of CreditInventory Line of Credit

Keep your cash and let Next-Financing pay your suppliers. The inventory-based line of credit allows you to retain your money for operations, new opportunities and unexpected expenses.

Next-Financing Term Loan

Term Loan

Leverage the success of your business into a loan with better terms. For those business owners who have weathered the storm for 2+ years, our term loan product was built with you in mind.

Micro-Term LoanMicro-Term Loan

Introducing Next-Financing’s New Micro-Term Loan for the business owner who needs fast capital, but has earned great terms and desires a no hassle application/approval process.  Approvals from $20K – $75K and interest rates starting at 7.9%

Equipment FinancingEquipment Financing

We provide Equipment Lease Financing and Equipment Loans for all credit tiers (A-E) with terms from 24 – 72 Months.  We service the business and their story, not the credit score.  In doing so, this allows for maximum approvals across the board and acquiring the necessary equipment to help grow your business.

Line of CreditLine of Credit

Draw the cash you need directly into your business checking account at any time. Only pay interest on what you draw. Pay back your balance early any time and replenish your line for future needs.

Business Loan ConsolidationBusiness Loan/Advance Consolidation

If you are stuck in this type of situation, Next-Financing will pay off up to 2 other Working Capital Loans or MCA’s with a $100K max and the loans/advances we pay off need to be at least 60% paid down.  Example:  You took out a $50,000 advance a year ago and have $22,000 remaining, but would like to pay off the existing $22,000 with an extreme APR and then get additional funding.  We would simply pay off your outstanding balance of $22,000 with your current lender and structure a new loan with your new approval amount and outstanding $22K bundled into one single loan, which only requires one single loan payment.

SBA Bridge LoanSBA Bridge Loan

What if you could get the funded you needed in 3-7 days AND end up with the terms and structure of an SBA Loan for the next 10-25 years?   Would you consider that a win/win or the best of both worlds?  Let’s talk about our SBA Bridge Loan.

Hospital/Surgery Center Solutions Healthcare Facility Capital – Liquidity

One of many challenges doctors and dentists face includes insurance reimbursement.  For your practice, this can mean a shortage of cash flow that can be used to invest in continual education for your staff or upgrading to latest medical equipment.  When your medical or dental practice is facing a shortage of cash, Next-Financing can help.  Our financing solutions will give you the capital you need quickly, without a lengthy application or funding process.


MarketPlace Lending Platform

MarketPlace Lending Platform


Take a Seat and Apply Today!

Take a Seat and Apply Today!


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NextUP Marketing – Are You NextUP?

Welcome to NextUP Marketing!  At NextUP, we focus on growing small and mid-sized businesses through Internet marketing and website development. The products we offer are robust, diverse and most importantly effective.  We are focused on providing a high level of expertise through diverse products and we deliver it with premium customer service.  Our team members are all results-driven to keep your online presence on the rise, but mindful of maintaining the personal relationships we have with our clients as we work together to provide the very best marketing services available today.

At NextUP, we believe that your online presence is critical and should be much more than a showpiece or online brochure.  We pride ourselves in developing custom online solutions for our clients that tie into your everyday marketing efforts to create maximum growth.  If you have been thinking of starting an internet marketing campaign or completely changing course from your existing one, our marketing team is here to help get you to the NextUP level.


It's GO TIME - Choose One of Our

KickStart Packages

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All of our packages include our Industry Leading Customer Financing program to increase/Kick-Start your sales.

When we created our Kick-Start Packages, we wanted to introduce our other game changing products into the equation to produce an absolute sales growth frenzy. Our Customer Financing alone will move the proverbial revenue needle, but when you combine an injection of Working Capital and a FREE Customized Marketing Campaign to the party, it's bound to produce results that will blow away any and all expectations.

Where can you find a Business Funding Company giving/creating a Free Marketing Campaign as a thank you? We are in this together, so let's make sure we blow it out of the water.

Our Bundled Packages contain the following: Customer/Patient Financing - Free Business/Equipment Loan - Great Rates Customized Marketing Campaign - Free

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